Sunday, April 15, 2007


PSIS Semarang v Persib Bandung 0-0

That was great fun!

Ok, maybe not one for the purists, whatever they maybe, but this romp in the puddles of Jatidiri had everything except a goal. 100 % effort, tackles sliding all over the place, moments of sublime skill from Julio Lopez, stubborn defencing from Patricio Jiminez and bookings galore.

Bandung will be happy with the draw despite both Sriwijaya and Medan winning this weekend because Semarang is no easy place to come and get a result. The blues from Central Java are finding their form now and their demolition of Jakarta recently shows that they will have a say on who does what this season.

If there is one gripe it is about players antics when they get the slightest knock or not. They roll round like John Wayne getting shot and their actions cause the ref to stop play while the stretcher crews race waddle on to treat the untreatable. Surely the ref can't fall this nonsense every time. This is gamesmanship at it's very worst and instead of stopping the game the ref should play on then book the guilty party once he has stopped squirming like a tadpole in a petri dish.

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