Thursday, April 12, 2007


Persik Kediri v Sydney

Has been arranged for 10.30 this morning and the Sydney coach has been getting his excuses in early

"The right decision was definitely made," he said. "It was more suitable for swimming and water polo than it was for football. We're pleased, because our superior football ability would have counted for nothing."

Remember, this is a guy who hasn't seen Kediri play and thinks they have Portuguese players so where does all this superior football ability come from eh?

It's also worth nearing in mind I have seen quite a bit of Australian football from my time there and I recall a game at St George Stadium where the mighty Saints hosted APIA Leichhardt. That game was played in a torrential downpour, the pitch was unplayable. I forget the year but little Joe Watson scored from about 35 yards for APIA in a 2-0 win

Then there's this:

"The fact the boys don't really have any match fitness because - other than a friendly with (NSW Premier League side) Marconi last week - they haven't really played a top level game for three weeks, that's a real concern.
"Add to that the playing surface is, at best, average, and the fact the crowds can be very hostile - there are quite a few things going against us." Oh dear, poor you...the crowd won't be that big today I imagine.

Anyway Kediri could argue they've played too many games recently, here teams usually play weekends/midweek.

And like I've said on here before Kediri's goal against Shanghai came the one time they got their slick passing together on a sodden pitch. It's the same for both sides...

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