Monday, April 09, 2007


Persik Kediri v Sydney FC - the Sydney view

Mike from The Football Tragic recently posted some comments about this weeks game giving the run down of players likely to line up for Sydney and he has kindly allowed me to use it here. Especially useful as my knowledge of 'Stralian footballers pretty much ended the day I saw St George beat Sydney Croatia 3-0 in the old NSL and Andy Harper gave me his shirt!

From SFC's point of view: we played a trial game the other night against Marconi (a club in the NSW State League), and won 3-0 despite not looking remotely convincing. Our key player, the playmaker (and ex-Australian international) Steve Corica looks a little out of form. We're also suffering from a lack of pace in defence at the moment; there's a young kid (Nick Tsattalios) who we're trying at left back in place of the regular LB, a big, lumbering bloke called Topor-Stanley, who had a dreadful game against Urawa. Right-back is also a problem. In midfield we're quite strong though; look out for a young right-winger called Adam Casey, who will probably be used as a substitute. He's VERY fast. The team looks a lot more fluent under the new interim coach (and hopefully long-term coach) Branko Culina. Previously, as you probably know, we had the ex-England captain Terry Butcher, who was a bit of a disaster.Looking forward to reading your updates!-Mike.

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