Monday, April 30, 2007


Persija v Persita Tangerang

Ah lovely, a full bloodied local derby to whet the appetite for the final round of fixtures before the Asian Cup break. Persija Jakarta have stumbled lately with a poor run of results on the road while Persita Tangerang have done less. Being a derby I was interested in seeing how many Tangerang fans made the short journey. Like Jakarta’s they have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons and the recent home game against Deli Serdang was played behind closed doors. There are two supporters’ groups at the Benteng Stadium, Laksar Benteng Viola and Viola X-Trim. Apparently the current suspension is aimed primarily at the former. The Viola X-Trim did travel but only about 30 or so and they were joined in their enclosure by some of the friendlier Jakmania.

By kick off time there were still large crowds milling round outside trying to get in. the stand was packed, standing room only and the Jakmania would have been delighted by their teams’ start. Bambang went close on a couple of occasions as the Orange really took the game to their rivals, desperate for 3 points to stop them slipping further behind Persib Bandung. Ortiz spread the ball round with the consummate ease of the talented playmaker that rarely imposes himself in the manner he should but it was all too much for him. As the first half worse on he faded and was stretchered off on a few occasions.

Aliyudin fumbled home about half way through the first half and in truth Jakarta were comfortable. The giant Abanda had the giant Ernest in his pocket the whole game while Lilputians Roca and Aliyudin buzzed around looking for the opening that would kill the game off.

Second half saw Tangerang force their way back into the match and their equalizer was as spectacular as it was deserved. Game on but as Tangerang probed they lost their discipline. Something kicked off in front of the main stand which resulted in a barrage of plastic water bottles being thrown on the pitch from the irate home support. Moments later and the ref awarded a penalty. From my vantage point about 120 yards away up in the heavens it looked a pen but TV replays showed there was an element of theatrics from Aliyudin. Furious Tangerang players jostled and pushed the referee before one of their club officials restored order by taking the players off the pitch. This further infuriated the fans and more bottles were tossed pitch ward.

An FA official came down and spoke to the Tangerang people while Jakmania officals did their best to calm the support down. The police were of course noticeable by their absence. After an interval of a few minutes tempers among the Tangerang players and among the more hot headed Jakarta support cooled and the peeved players walked back on the pitch having achieved absolutely zilch beyond prolonging the taking of the penalty. Roca took it, Roca scored and Tangerang were left with what their petulance deserved. Nothing.

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