Monday, April 09, 2007


Persija Jakarta v PSDS Deli Serdang

No real report about the Jakarta game with Deli Serdang. Jakarta dominated but a first half goalkeeping error saw them go in at half time one down. Second half was all one way but despite the pressure the Kemayoran Lions rarely troubled the visiting keeper which was a shame. When they did he wasn’t up to it and Bambang equalized. A disappointing result for the Jak and that’s five points dropped out of the last six. They will be hoping for a victory on Wednesday at home to Banda Aceh. The only good news for them was the top 2 cancelled each other out and Sriwijaya’s shock draw at home to Tangerang City.

After the game I went to the Jakmania office to meet some of their people. The guy behind the movie tells me it should be ready in May. I also heard how the FA reversed their decision and decided to allow fans in. in short some of the Jakmania committee went round the house of the guy and begged and pleaded their case. Maybe because it was Easter but they relented and it was game on. Of course we didn’t know this till we bought our tickets. Fair play to the supporters for presenting their case and getting word out at such short notice. Never happen in England!

While talking in the shop the Persija assistant coach and new manager held a press conference where they were joined by the visiting PSDS coach. You could not see this happening at the Arsenal Supporters Club on St Thomas Road.

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