Monday, April 09, 2007


Group 1 weekend

No idea why I'm doing things arse round tit but there we have it.

Kediri v Pelita Jaya 2-2 10,000
Malang v Tangerang 2-1 23,000 (!)
Sleman v Bireuen 2-0 10,000
Sriwijaya v Tangerang City 1-1 25,000
North Jakarta v Bogor District 1-0 10,000
Bandung v Medan 0-0 19,000
Jakarta v Deli Serdang 1-1 5,000

Odd set of results. Malang getting over 20,000 for the visit of Tangerang??? I just hope that Benny Dollo was on a cut of the gate. Disappointing gates at Bandung and Jakarta for obvious reasons. And who'd have thought the abysmal Tangerang City would have gone to high flying Sriwijaya and nick a point in injury time. Both Jakarta and the Palembang team dropped home points for the first time this season. Three points separate the top 4 of Medan, Bandung, Jakarta and Sriwijaya. At the bottom there's just 3 points separating bottom club Tangerang City and 15th place North Jakarta. Sleman and Padang complete the bottom 4.

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