Friday, April 13, 2007


FA Cup Semi Finals

Media and pundits alike are creaming themselves at the thought of Chelsea and Manchester United facing off in the FA Cup Final.

I'm not. I would much rather see Blackburn and Watford in the final. Blackburn would be great because they wouldn't be able to sell all their tickets - bit like Chelsea really.

I dunno about other football fans but the idea of this 'dream final' bores the pants off me and I sure as hell won't be watching it. I won't be watching the semis either but I hope that one or both f the underdogs do the business.

Anyway, Bandung go to Semerang Sunday and that promises to be a cracker!

PS - these notes are not, repeat not, the sour grapes of a sad old Gooner who can't get over the fact we were knocked out of the Cup by a piss poor Rovers team who played for a draw at home!

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