Monday, April 30, 2007


Erm, excuse me Tangerang

But I think one of your lot lost one of these yesterday.
Pray tell what was achieved by taking your team off the pitch for those few minutes? Nothing! You earned the opprobrium of all decent football fans and you insulted pretty much everyone involved in the game. The fans, the clubs, the league, the game and even the country. This is what you do when a decision goes against you? You spit the dummy out the pram? Down that road leads chaos and the end of the game as the world knows it. I only hope there is some punishment for the club.
Rather than just blame the ref why not ask yourself why your team offered zilch p front first half? Why Ernest was so ineffective?
At the start of the season I tipped Tangerang as an outside tip for honours based on the recruitment of Benny Dollo and their success in a pre season tournament. But now I hope they get nothing.

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