Thursday, February 15, 2007


Bali fans unite

I remember years back the public outcry when money men tried merging some English football clubs. The fans of the clubs concerned, Reading and Oxford, soon protested and the plans dropped. This season sees Bali FC playing in the Eastern Division for the first time. this merger of several Balinese clubs mobviously must have made sense to all parties, especially if Bali were to have a place at the Super League next year. As far as I can make out they are being known this season as Persgi Gianyar Bali FC as the license is still held by Persigi. The clubs coming together to form this super club are Gianyar, Denpaser, Tabunan and Badung. Fans of the first 3 named have agreed to merge and become known as Laskar Naga Sakti what ever that may mean. Their first chance to put old rivalries behind them comes on Sunday when they host Sidoarjo in Gianyar.


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