Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Kick off 3rd February

Ok so a quick look at the early fixtures which kick off next Saturday. On 3rd February the most attractive looking fixture in the Western Division sees a possibly resurgent Tangerang hosting perennial bridesmaid Semerang at the Benteng Stadium. Meanwhile in the Eastern Division the highlight comes midweek when Arema Malang host Surabaya. With Surabaya’s notorious fans banned from away games the question is how serious will the enforcement be? Will police in Surabaya prevent fans boarding trains heading south or will a strongly worded letter in the local rag suffice?

Whatever, the season is back, let’s hope the quality of football continues to improve. I would like to see Indonesia develop its first ever homegrown superstar, someone who can attract the attention of local fans and sponsors. Christian Gonzalez is quality but after the dismal results Indonesia has suffered recently, and with the Asian Cup interrupting the season later, an indigenous ray of hope, and not bland quotes from officials about how they want to win things, would really unite the public behind the national XI

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