Thursday, January 18, 2007


After going out

Of the ASEAN Football Championship, Indonesia is in need of some good news. Well, how about this?

David Beckham, after telling the whole world and its dog that he and his family were content in Madrid, he ups and signs a million dollar a week deal with LA Galaxy. But he's not doing it for the money of course. Oh no, he'd willingly have signed for a burger flipper wages, such was his desire to kick start the game in the US. Don't be too excited though, they have been down this road before, bringing in aging old has beens counting the zeros on their pay cheque and it got them all the fun of the circus but once the clowns hung up their boots the audience went elsewhere.

But given Beckham's lack of interest in finances then why weren't the Indonesian authorities keen to tempt him Jakarta way. Let's face it, the Indonesian media and translators couldn't have found Peter Withe's scouse accent easy to comprehend, with Beckham all he'd have to do is smile and the grounds would be full for the season and who gives a rubber duck about the result?

But seriously, what can LA offer a multi millionaire who isn't too worried about money? Becks could afford to have a house in Bali and commute to Jakarta daily, how cool could that be? Wake up to the sound of waves crashing against your back garden, sit in the traffic on the jalan toll in Jakarta, kick a ball, smile a bit and be back home in time for tea. Cushty eh? And with those frequent flyer miles on Garuda they could have frequent breaks in Surabaya, Medan or even Palembang.

And for Vicky, well more more can she want? Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia have everything that Rodeo Drive has plus...kaki lima and teh botol just outside. Jakarta is a world class shopping destination that has people from Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok flocking there every weekend.

Money needn't have been a problem, there's heaps of it in Indonesia. Admittedly with Singapore Airline flights to Singapore full most days much of the money ends up in Orchard Road, there is still enough swilling round the manufacturers of instant noodle to pay him a living wage. David Beckham, proudly sponsored by Indo Mie

If Master Becks was truly keen on kick starting football in a developing nation then he should have looked no further than Indonesia. Oh well, his loss...

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