Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Shit happens...

I do wish Benetiz and these other whinging pros would shut the crap up. Take the free kick given against Liverpool last week and Speed scored Bolton’s first goal. Of course Rafa says this was the defining moment of the game, the lino’s wrong decision cost his beloved overpaid tarts the points. Bullshit you whinging tart. Your team didn’t defend the free kick. Your team couldn’t score over 90 bloody minutes. The only people to blame for another lousy Liverpool away performance are your guys in the red shirts. In football as in life it is all to easy to blame others for your shortcomings but it gets boring when these mercenaries trot out the same old record.

Did Roeder sack Harper after he slipped and allowed Alonso the joy of another 50 yard goal? Oh no, we can’t upset the puffed up egos can we? Better off blame the guy who can’t fight back and doubtless Roeder would have blamed the officials if he could have. After all if they dropped every player who made a mistake they’d be no one left to play the game.

Hats off to Iain Dowie whose Charlton were denied a surefire penalty when the ball struck Gallas’ arm. Deffo a pen but the ref didn’t give it. I’m sure Dowie was gutted but all he said was mistakes happen. Very true fella. Van Persie missed when it seemed easier to score but hey? Shit happens.

Do one Rafa

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