Monday, October 23, 2006


Reading away

Well, that was bloody impressive if I say so myself. 4-0, it could have been more had not van Persie in the first half not been so profligate, Toure and Fabregas immense again and we could afford a so so Henry and giving up for the last 20 minutes. Sure against Watford, Sheffield United and Reading, the 3 new teams, we have looked the mutts nuts going forward but we need more serious tests and not until we go to Bolton, Blackburn and Liverpool and return with the 3 points will I think we stand a chance in the Premiership. Not until we beat Chelsea. I’m not asking for much am I?

Rosicky has settled in well as has Gallas and Djourou looks better every game. And don’t forget we have Ljungberg, Eboue, Lauren and Senderos so things are looking good. But we’re in October. Let’s see if we’re still there in April/May.

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