Friday, October 13, 2006


Players (English) Behaving Badly

Man City, under Psycho Pearce have a few English players in their squad but look at the problems they've had with them

Thatcher - knocks seven shades of shit out of mendes

Richards - spits his dummy out the pram when he was taken off recently

Barton - drops his pants on the pitch

Is it a coincidence that English players act the twat time and time again? Remember under the oh so glory days of Neill and Howe when the players car park was empty cos most of the squad was banned for drink driving?

Cole and Campbell anyone?

Of course foreigners aren't angels, step forward Nicolas Anelka who's had more clubs than Fat Boy Slim but is there something in the make up of the English that allows them to act the prat so often? Admittedly they don't all come from the best of backgrounds and perhaps they are just a mirror of the yob culture that scars society but surely with all this dosh flowing through the game someone could bring in some kind of anger counsellor and shut the buggers up or just stop them making such tits of themselves?

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