Friday, October 13, 2006


Bloody ex players

Everytime the slightest thing odd happens in football and the media, of which there is far to much with far too many resources chasing far too few stories, wheel out the old pros who pass their armschair judgement and it usually follows the same formula. The officials are always wrong and should be relegated. Players are only human and they make mistakes.

Witness the current brouha surrounding Robinson and his fly kicking in Zagreb. Now my playing career was limited to Sunday morning pub football and some coaching of enthusiatic kids but I did know one thing. When you pass back to the keeper place the ball either sides of the posts. Less chance of an og that way. It ain't rocket science. Likewise these days the keeper can't pick the ball up but surely when the ball is heading the wrong direction, when it's goal bound, make certain eh? Control it if you can then get rid of it.

Robinson deserves the brickbats he's going to receiver, just as much as Neville does for endangering his keeper but Robbo more so. He plays for the Totts, that's reason enough to give him heaps. But players do deserve grief when they put up a pisspoor performance. They take the glory and the riches, so must they take the grief. All fans ask for is effort and we ain't stoopid. We know when players aren't pulling their weight or when someone just ain't fgood enough. Robinson is a good keeper and kept us in the game for long periods but he deserves the grief he's gonna get. I'm Arsenal, Seaman got slaughtered after Nayim from the halfway line, this is for us...

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