Saturday, September 09, 2006


Surabaya must play elsewhere

Surabaya's punishment is known. Next season they cannot play any games in their home province of East Java. Addionaly ffor 3 years no Surabaya fans are permitted to enter the stadium.

Given that 95% of fans are teenagers wearing club colours it should be pretty simple to stop tgeir fans watching teir games. Uunless of course they start snapping up Burburry or Lacoste.

Where they will play is another matter. The club has expressed optimism their sponsors will stick with but playing all games in a different province will add an extra financial burden. The closest option would probably be Solo in next door Central Java, a 4 hour train ride away but the League may insisistnon somewhere further away.

Last year Surabaya were kicked of the League during the Big 8 in Jakarta. After serious crowd disorder they pulled out and were relegated. Surabaya are one of the biggest clubs in Indonesia but they have a job on their hands getting theeir fans to behave. They have the years to think of something.

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