Thursday, September 07, 2006


Loyalty in football

Steve MacMahon was on Football Focus showing how little he understands the psychology of the average football fan. He made the point that the punter on the terraces would be likely to move companies if someone came along with a large pay rise he would jump at it it. Yeap, probably. But we're talking football. We don't change our clubs if someone comes along with a better offer, we don't change our clubs when we start playing shite.

Half the time players are full of shite. They profess their devotion to the badge on their tit but in the background their agent is looking for more money somehow. It sucks, they are littke more than mercanaries and the only difference between a mercanary and a prostitute is gender.

At Arsenal we're lucky. Pat Rice has been there some 45 years, excepting a short spell at Watford. Our physio Gary Lewin has been there pushing 30 years. David O'Leary spent 20 years at Highbury. Ken Friar goes back bloody ages. Dennis Bergkamp graced our pitch for 11 years, unusual for a foreigner to stay so long. Bob Wilson hung around so damned long people tried buying him in the recent Highbury auction. Our Chairman Peter Hill Wood is the 3rd in the Hill Wood dynasty to preside over the club since just after the First World War. We are a club built on stability and stability comes from loyalty.

It may make no sense to Macca but then being a true football fan makes no sense to anyone not involved.


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