Friday, July 28, 2006


Semarang v Pasuruan Town

A scrappy game settled by a scrappy goal this was a come back too far for the East Javan team sporting a snazzy new adidas kit.

A first half goal settled this semi final that, after seeing the freeflow football of Kediri was a let down for any neutral who ever they may be. A header came off the top of the crossbar, span back into the 6 yard area and Imral was the first to react. It was the kind of goal that deserved to settle this game.

Semarang’s game plan seemed to consist of long balls pumped forward for Manu de Porras but he is no Christian Gonzalez. In injury time de Porras had a couple of one on ones to settle the tie but each time skied his effort.

The final then is Kediri v Semarang. Gonzalez v de Porras, an Argentinean battle of the forwards…


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