Thursday, July 20, 2006


Indonesian football story in the Jakarta Post shock horror

Yep, the Jak Post, our English language fount of knowledge and agency stories has deigned to print a story about the local football scene. Well, more specifically Peter Withe, coach of the national team.

From Wednesday's paper, Withe traveled to Gresik to watch the games on Monday. No mention of why they were playing in Gresik. Indeed it even gives PSM Makassar as PSM Medan which is nothing less than lazy research, lazy journalism, lazy editing. I don't doubt I make bucket loads of errors but I'm an amateur knocking something up in 15 minutes or so, they're professionals...

Mention is also given of the Merdeka Tournament in KL. No mention of when, who's competing. Compare this sloppy reporting with the 3 main sports stories on that page, from other sources. The tour de France, something about South American football and something else about soft porn, sorry, womesn's tennis...


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