Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Golden Generation - you're havin a laugh

Same old same old

Grim. To be honest my expectations were low anyway, one advantage of being far from the hype of the headline hungry English media, but you know you just, as a fan, expect one thing from your team. Effort. Whenever I see England play that seems to be sadly lacking.

They seemed clueless. I've seen Jakarta play as a team better than these prima donnas. Rooney, our supposed match winner was stuck up by himself looking for titbits and then did himself no favours by pushing twinkle toes Ronaldo right in front of the ref. Gerrard tells us not to blame the young Shrek look alike but I'm sorry who do we blame for the dismissal? The tooth fairy? Dick Cheney? He acted like a twat and deserves grief for it.

Portugal weren't that much better than us if at all. They couldn't break down our 10 men but we created little when we had 11 so we can't complain too much. Again, Rooney up top alone?

So we bring on Crouch, the fir tree who can't win the ball in the air and we threatened less. Lennon worried them at times, a small, nippy player of pace attacking the full back and pulling the ball back for people to run on to, ideal for lampard, Gerrard, Cole, so why not have Walcott down the other flank? But hey, I don't earn 4 million a year so what do I know eh?

And whose idea was it for Lampard to take a pen eh? The guy has had more shots than Ollie reed on a night out and not scored, he hasn't played too well, his confidence is low, he set the tone. Oh no, here we go again...

Back to the manager. He has been trying to build a team round the best players in the country but when some of those players are too similar like in the midfield you gotta look elsewhere. The best English teams play with pace and power, Ashely Cole is used to racing down on the overlap yet when he tried last night he was overlooked as the ball was invariably played square or even back!

Still, The Big 8 is in a couple of weeks and the premiership starts 19th August.


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