Saturday, July 29, 2006


Crazy world of English football

Arsenal are gagging for a new defender, someone who can play in the centre and on the left. They have been strongly linked with Curtis Davis, a young English guy at West Brom and Wenger has gone on record as saying he rates the boy.

The Baggies are looking for 10 million pound for this lad and while we need someone to add cover and ease out the bald, he's shit, he plays when no one's fit, Cygan, does Davis represent value for money in this World Cup year?

Last year West Brom signed him as a teenager from Luton Town and then he cost 3 million. Expensive you might think but then English players for some reason command a premium when compared to the foreign players who are often better equipped technically. One year in the Premiership and Davis seems to have impressed everyone from Wenger to the England Under 21 set up but does this justify such a laughablyhigh fee? Has his worth increased three fold in 12 months?

Has it bollocks. He shone in a team that got relegated. He never featured in the hopefuls for Germany. In short he's not worth that kind of stupid money that West Brom seem convinced he is worth. Wenger no doubt has some young foreigner under the microscope, someone who would cost a fraction of what Davis would. And if he does no doubt some 'experts' would decry another foreigner coming in at an Englishman's expense but don't blame him. Like everyone, except Chelse, Arsenal seek value for money.

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