Saturday, June 10, 2006


Going down, going down

A`look at the bottom of the Western Division as today sees 2 crucial games. first, the bottom 4

Tangerang 22 19-27 23
Deli Serdang 22 22-35 23
Bandung 22 20-29 22
Jakarta North 22 20-33 22

As you can see it's tighter than a nun's chuffer with the bottom 2 falling out of the league and nothing decided. Today sees Tangerang host notoriously bad road warriors Medan who of course need points for very different reasons. The other match today has Jakarta North entertaining Deli Serdang out at Cilegon. Too close to predict so I won't bother. I had hoped to get to the Tangerang game today but needs must when the devil farts in your face.

Last night was the grand opening of Mad Dogs Brahaus in Serpong. It's somewhat off the main supping circuit but there are many expats out that way gagging for ale so let's hope it proves successful. It was a good night last night, loads of beer, live music and the look on the German's faces when Costa Rica scored was a treat!

BuGils tonight in their temporary stand for the England game. Mad Dogs Cilandak has Happy Hour for the match and is tempting but BuGils it many pubs, so little time!


For those of us wanting to watch the World Cup at home it's another load of balls.
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