Monday, May 22, 2006


Jakarta Highland Gathering

Call me wierd but watching Sidoarjo from the comfort of my armchair just couldn't compete with watching a bunch of grown men with funny hair wearing skirts and throwing DIY tools around with gay abandon.

Lippo Karawaci was the venue for this gathering of the clans that enticed young and old, bule and Indonesian to sample the Celtic delights of Robert Burns, bagpipes and of course beer.

There was dancing of the Scottish sort with twirling tartans, there was pipe bands, especially a Sikh band from KL with their very own tartan and there was a tug of war. In a hasty moment of sporty ne'er do well I had actually put my name forward for this event and represented the dogs and bitches of Mad Dogs. We had a team meeting in the beer tent where we did some serious training and at one stage I nearly joined the German team by mistake.

We were due to start tugging at 1 pm but the general feeling was this was nowt but a ruse by Glen to have people quaffing in his bar a bit longer but fair play, it worked! We drank then drank and drank some more before finally our team captain said it was time to go and led us, Japanese tour guide like, round the field. We gathered for our final team talk which was along the lines of 'Who let the dogs out' and lined up for our first communal tug. It was now we found out our fearless leader would not be joining the team but merely barking from the sidelines so we guessed he'd tugged already.

It was best of 3 but we won the first two comfortably and milled around a while drinking while we waited for our next opponents. Bart and Lens team somehow won also and we were hoping against hope they would be our next opponents but alas and alack...our next foe was a team of body builders fresh from a tug free day and as for us, well, you know how difficult it is having a pull after several beers. It was a non event, the freshies pulled us all over the place while we struggled to get a grip. Twas not fair I tell thee. How can a team have a bye in to the semi final and if a team then why not us? We were the biggest and the fattest, surely some sympathy och aye?

The rest of the day was spent in the various beer tents. Helicopter rides went over our heads as we imbibed the pleasures of the amber and patted ourselves on the back at how we were contributing to such worthy causes. Oh and Glen showed once and for all what a Scotsman wears under his kilt and for those who witnessed his shameful display the general feeling was things aren't bigger or better on the other side of Hadrian's Wall...

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