Saturday, May 13, 2006


Cup Final Day

I've never been to an FA Cup Final though of course as an Arsenal fan there's been plenty of opportunities. There were those 3 successive finals in the 70's and 80's but I was still a waif back then, not a regular and I resented ripping up my match programmes for those cup final tokens that would have ensured my attendance. My older brother is, or rather was, West Ham and he was there in 1980 but less said about Brooking falling over to head the ball in the better. We, after all, had the biggest Willie!

Today Liverpool are the red hot favourites so purely for that reason I'm backing West Ham. Not because I like them, I don't. Not because I would like Sheringham to get a medal, I can't stand the smarmy knob juice and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me or my club. But also another reason. Who has won the cup over the last few years?

2005 - Arsenal
2004 - Man Utd
2003 - Arsenal
2002 - Arsenal
2001 - Liverpool
2000 - Chelsea
1999 - Man Utd
1998 - Arsenal
1997 - Chelsea
1996 - Man Utd
1995 - Everton
1994 - Man Utd
1993 - Arsenal
1992 - Liverpool

In 14 attempts only Everton have broken the stranglehold of Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and that lot from the King's Road. We need West Ham there to break the monotony.

Another thing. West Ham won it in the year I was born. They won it when I was 16 and could start rutting legally. Why not win it in the year I get married as well? They aslo had one of the best, admittedly unofficial, cup final songs ever with I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles by the Cockney Rejects. And in Marlon Harewood they have a 21st century Alan Taylor.

So there'll be a few beers probably in Aphrodite and Everest before settling down to watch the game and for once Chin Chinnary Chin Chinnary Chin Chin Charoo I'll be supporting the Claret n Blue.

Of course there are also some domestic games and i'll preview them laters...

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