Wednesday, April 26, 2006


That George Graham Touch

I'm going to allow myself the smallest of gloats here.

In the 6 knock out games of the Champions League we have scored 4 goals and conceded zilch! The one thing missing from Wenger's glory teams has been the rock solid defence that so defined the GG years but our patched up defence has really grown over the last few months. And that we could change half of that defence and still get a result against the Spanish Olympic Diving Team bodes well for the future.

We're going to Paris in May but, the caution of the terrace veteran creeps in here, we have twice played Spanish teams in European Finals and we have twice lost. Once cruelly on penalties, once cruelly in the last minute to a lucky halfway line lob...

Combining the best of Graham and Wenger should give us a chance though...

And Spurs fans must be shitting themselves...
One would hope they are biting a few nails...

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