Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Jakarta Derby

Jakarta v Jakarta North 1-1

Another hugely frustrating afternoon for Jakarta and their fanatical followers, the Jakmania, as they failed to turn possession into goals. It's been a familiar story this season as jakarta have failed to hit the back of the net with any consistency.

Hopes were high after a convincing 3-0 victory over Tangerang at the weekend but against supposedly weaker opposition Jakarta spurned chance after chance to make up ground on Medan and Semarang. They took a first half lead but were pegged back before half time and that was it.

A second half onslaught saw chance after chance safely gathered by the Jakarta North keeper and as the half wore on you couldn't escape the feeling this was same old same old.

A risable one minute was added, the visitors rolled over at the slightest knock, the stretcher bearers saw more action than the Norths forwards, and right at the death Jakarta nearly blew it. A one on one break saw the last defender, Bosco, pull the forward back. It should have been a red but the ref was lenient, the free kick was crap and the spoils were shared.

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