Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Season So Far

Sorry nothing has been added for a few days but been tied up developing a Javanese Calendar which you can find out more about at

Briefly Tuesday saw a couple of games. Persija played Persitara out at Cilegon and got a 1-0 victory while up the road the Tangerang derby saw a 0-0 draw though without the fun and games that blighted Jakarta's visit there on Saturday. Saw another game from the eastern Division, this time Kediri who outplayed Balikpapan on a wonderful, well compared to the quagmire at Tangerang anything is wonderful, surface. They played good football and many of the flicks and turns came off unlike other grounds. Kediri beat Jayapura 3-0 over there in their first game and look good value in these early days. Next week time permitting I'll do a round up of the teams in that division

Had hoped to get to the pub tomorrow and take in Jakarta's home game with Semarang but, well, one out of two ain't bad. Looks like a wedding is stopping me joining the Jakmania. Bummer eh? But I smell that beer now...

With most teams having played 4 games the standings in the Western Division are as follows:
(the numbers refer to Games Points)

  1. Medan 3 9
  2. Jakarta 4 9
  3. Semarang 4 9
  4. Pasaruan Town 4 8
  5. Tangerang City 4 8
  6. Malang 4 7
  7. Jepara 4 6
  8. Padang 3 5
  9. Deli Serdang 3 4
  10. Tangerang 4 2
  11. Yogyakarta 4 2
  12. Palembang 3 1
  13. Bandung 4 0
  14. North Jakarta 4 0

Medan have played 3 home games so far, in an hours time they have their first away game at Malang. Watch this space!

good luck for Fav team,
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