Saturday, January 21, 2006


Sidoarjo or Liverpool???

So Saturday I buy Soccer another local tabloid hoping to catch up with local football gossip and what do I find? Pages and pages about the upcoming Champions League and one solitary page about the local leagues!

Saturday saw Jakarta play at Medan while Friday night on First Edition Richard Keys told me that the world wants to see the best teams play in the FA Cup Final and the best teams are Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool or those moneyed wide boys up the King’s Road. Basically he said it was a shame that the scousers and the mancs, were meeting so early in the cup. What a load of old toilet paper. The FA Cup is about romance and tradition. It’s about Jim Montgomery and Paul Allen. I for one would like to see a different name on the trophy this year. West Ham, Bolton, Manchester City, anybody but the usual suspects…and this is not sour grapes…(much).

So in protest at the North West pish on TV Jakarta Casual trawled himself off to the Blok and a long awaited rendezvous with the Bard of Blok M, the man who swallowed a thesaurus and launched a web site about squeeze n sleaze with many long words. The Sportsmans still does a mean nachoseris), Mario del Monaco (Radamès) & Gabriella Tucci (Aida)
conducted by Franco Capuana
Tokyo, 13.X.1961

I seems there is alot to learn from Jakarta football. Not only the big wigs are fun
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