Thursday, January 19, 2006


Padang At Home

First up the scorers from the home victory against Siriwijaya. Tupamahu scored just before half time with a header and after 78' Agus Indra Kurniawan extended the lead. Emeka Obidiah Okoye has a wonderful name that you can just imagine rolling round the terraces and he pulled one back on 78' which had the small band of Palembang fans jumping for joy. Actually, they spent most of the game jumping for joy I wonder how many of them knew the score.

Tuesday afternoon kick saw the most unfortunately named Semen Padang visiting Lebak Bulus but hey! Some of us have to work for a living but I managed to sneak home early to catch the first half on TV. Yeah I know, nothing like watching it live, at least in the stadium the fans provide the entertainment, the first half against Padang was petering out into a bore scoreless draw when I had to head into Jakarta. We drove past the stadium I guess towards the end of the game but all that was visible were the empty seats in the stand. I hate being outside grounds when the game is on but the pub beckoned, what could I do?

A 1-0 home defeat is never a good result and the Jakarta governor, who last week was quoted as saying the Championship is the minimum for this season can't have been a happy chappy. Wonder if he goes to many games? Anyway, 3 points out of 6 with 2 goals scored and 2 conceded ain't gonna get the fans buzzing but the next game is away to Persita Tangerang which could be interesting. I live midway between the two grounds so you could call it a tasty local derby. It's live on TV but I hope to wangle some tickets for it.

No games this weekend but hopefully on Friday I'll post a breakdown of the league and which teams are in it.

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