Tuesday, January 24, 2006


From me armchair

The beer was flowing Saturday night as Cazbar had it's official opening night, so much beer in fact that the pain of a 1 0 away defeat, again, wasn't even felt. Well, till the next day when the highlights, or lowloghts came on. Bunch of pussies...

The highlight Sunday, domestically, was PSIS Semerang entertaining Arema Malang. Apparently the top 2 teams in the Western Division they served up a turgid game but to be fair it wasn't just because the players are crap. They do at least try to knock the ball around on the ground but that's the problem. The pitches are as bumpy and pot holed as Jalan Felatehan. The bounce is irregular, the grass often too long, playing football on those surfaces ain't easy so fair play for them trying but it did mean at least for this fixture, chances were few and far betwee. You felt that the only way someone would score would be from a dead ball or a corker of an og. The only goal came from a free kick about 25 yards out. 1-0 Semerang leaving them with a 100 % record. Big bloody crowd mind, the terraces looked full and a crowd control fence had been erected round the running track. Lots of uniforms there as well, police, soldiers and security goons with walking sticks. Didn't bother with the Englsih football n the evening. Liverpool v Manchester United really doesn't have the pull, not after Semerang v Malang. Oddly enough, about the town of Malang which is a pleasant hilly town a couple of hours south of Surabaya, not far from Batu where one of those Malaysian terror bombers departed his mortal coil, it supports 2 teams, Arema in the Western Division and Persema in the Eastern.

Today I'm home early and watching Deltras Sidoarjo playing host to Persemin Minahasa. Sidoarjo is a suburb of Surabaya pretty much while Minhasa refers to North Sulawesi though I ain't got a scooby where they play their home games! This is my first game from the Eastern Division and it's pissing down! Sooner them than me lah. At least by half time 2 goals had been scored in open play but I am a bit confused as to why Sidoarjo should be playing in toothpaste green and white stripes while their fans seem to be decked out n red and blue. Like the other games I've seen so far the terrace opposite the main stand is pretty full and most of the fans are wearing colours. Thing is when they sing it sounds like Wembley for a Schoolboy's International!

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