Saturday, October 10, 2020


Kyrgyz League Ends After Upheaval?

The final round of games in the Kyrgyzstan Premier League were due to be played on Tuesday. I was planning to go to them but with the unrest and the fact there is a Russian military base near the ground i bottled it and stayed home, hoping to catch on TV
Come kick off time and the channel was showing a film about Nelson Mandela and the you tube channel had cancelled its streaming.
The FC Dordoi twitter account had posted videos of the team arriving as well as an info graph showing their line up...then silence. Likewise the KPL account on Instagram.
Finally the Dordoi social media team kicked into action on the Wednesday, or was it Thursday, suggesting the games had been put back 24 hours. Or was it 48?
I have no idea where we stand regarding the Kyrgyzstan Cup, which offers the winners a place in the AFC Cup next year, which was due to start yesterday. There may be a curfew and a state of emergency in place, I saw a post saying there are military roadblocks on the approaches to Bishkek and under the terms of any state of emergency all events are cancelled.

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