Thursday, October 26, 2017


Borneo's Terens Puhiri Becomes Internet Sensation

Borneo are on a bit of a roll at the moment, winning three games in their last four. Especially sweet would have been their 4-0 demolition of Mitra Kukar in the Mahakam Derby. Now, as Indonesian derbies go this may not be on a par with some of the most intense in the country but that hasn't stopped one of the goals going viral.

Terens Puhiri has only just turned 21 and until now has been seen as perhaps just another speed merchant in a league full of them. The Papua born striker has been in Samarinda since 2013 but it has only been the current season when he has been making a name for himself with six goals in his 28 games.

But it is his most recent goal that has been making waves. When a Mitra Kukar attack breaks down just outside the Borneo penalty area Puhiri pounces. There is an MK defender closer to the ball and moving in from the centre circle but it is Puhiri who has reacted quickest and the advantage is eaten up as the Borneo striker goes into overdrive. 

Puhiri skips past the lunging defender but despite his touch being heavy he has the pace to catch up with the ball. Again his touch may have let more static strikers down as the keeper rushes out but Puhiri plays the ball wide, has the pace to catch up with the ball again and turn it into an empty net leaving him to celebrate by himself; his team mates are nowhere to be seen in the one man counter attack!

The lung busting run has gone viral in this internet age leaving Terens Puhiri being talked about around the world as media from Spain to Turkey have highlighted his effort. Gone are the criticisms over his poor touch as people marvel over his speed and endurance. A week and a half after the football world mourned the loss of the legendary Choirul Huda how refreshing to see an Indonesian player make the headlines for positive reasons!

Apologies for the commentator...we have to put up with this every game!

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