Thursday, June 08, 2017


Gresik United Left Counting Cost Of Pitch Invasion

Cash starved Gresik United are being hit by one blow after another. The team from East Java sit second bottom of Liga 1 with just one win all season  and are now counting the cost of their defeat at home to Persela last time out when their own fans invaded the pitch.

Last season Gresik's Tri Dhamma Stadium was in the headlines after PS TNI fans went on the rampage. This time round the troubles are home grown as fans, annoyed the club don't seem to be making any progress after just one win in 10 games, invaded the pitch on masse, damaging the playing surface and setting fires around the pitch.

The financial costs for the football club are high with estimates suggesting several thousand dollars worth of damage being done to the pitch and goals. And that is before the PSSI disciplinary committeepass judgement on the events surrounding the game. Further sanction looms including fines and even being forced to play home games behind closed doors or at a neutral venue.

Football fans around the world say their voice is never heard. Be careful what you wish for. The cost of having your voice heard by causing damage to your favourite team's infrastructure doesn't come cheap and only harms the club you profess to love even more.

Money that could have been invested in the team to try and climb out of the relegation zone will now have to be spent repairing the damage of angry fans. Actions have consequences. Are the Gresik fans who invaded the pitch to express their anger prepared to accept the consequences?

UPDATE - Gresik United have been fined Rp 20 million and ordered to play their next home game v Persija behind closed doors. 

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