Saturday, April 01, 2017


Liga 2 Takes Shape

I am really looking forward to Liga 2 this season. With 61 teams spread around eight and the likelihood three dozen teams could face relegation it promises to be a nail biting campaign. And with the likes of Persebaya, PSS, PSIM, PSIS, PSMS and Persik taking part the league promises more fans and more history than any other second tier division in South East Asia.

Group 1 - Persiraja, PSMS, PSBL, PSPS, Persih, 757 Kepri Jaya, Pro Duta, PS Bangka
Group 2 - Lampung Sakti, PS Bengkulu, Persita, Perseang, Cilegon United, Persikad, Persika, Persikabo
Group 3 - PSGC, PSCS, Persibas, Persibangga, Persip, PSS, Persijap, Persibat
Group 4 - Persipon, PSIS, PSIR, PPSM, Persis, Persiba Bantul, Persipur, Sragen United
Group 5 - PSIM, Persinga, Persatu, Persebaya, Madiun Putra, PSBI, Persepam, Martapura
Group 6 - Persewangi, Persik, Sidoarjo United, PSBK, PSMP, Perssu, Kalteng Putra
Group 7 - Madura FC, Persekabpas, Persekam, Persigo Semuru, PS Badung, PS Sumbawa Barat, Celebest
Group 8 - Persebul, Persigubin, Yahukimo, Persifa, PSBS, Persika Kaimana

I'm not sure how many teams will be promoted to Liga 1. Certainly Liga 2 will have 24 teams in 2018 so the top three can expect to at least play there. For the rest Liga 3 beckons!

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