Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Bali United Sack Schaller After Two Losses

Coaches are hired to be fired. They know that and understand that whenever they sign a contract with a new team. All the training they go through, all the studying, all the preparation they put in for their job though counts for nothing if they commit that most unforgivable of sins...lose a game.

All coaches ask for is a fair crack of the whip. Given time they can often change things around on the training ground and help their players produce better performances on the pitch that lead to an improvement in results. It's not easy and it takes time and effort but it worked for Robert Alberts (PSM) and Dragan Dukanovic (Borneo FC) last season. They didn't  get off to the best of starts at their respective clubs but management gave them the time and space to turn things around which they did.

Before the 2017 Liga 1 season even began though some clubs were getting itchy fingers. Out went Angel Alfredo Vera at Persipura, he only led them to the Indonesia Soccer Championship title last season, and Widodo Cahyo Putro at Sriwijaya. Now we have the first victim as the season begins with Bali United reacting to the sight of seeing their team bottom of the table. Coach Hans Peter Schaller has paid the ultimate price.

Two games played. Bali United lost their first game 2-0 away to Madura United. Only two sides have taken three points from their visit to the island in the last 21 home games so no real upset there. Bali United lost their second game 2-1 at home to Persipura with an own goal giving the visitors three points.

Madura United and Persipura. In the trade they would call that a tough start to the season. From the outside it would appear Bali United have reacted with haste to the sight of their club bottom of the table and with no replacement lined up they could yet have plenty of time to rue their decision.

In their official statement, Bali United say they didn't share the same vision with the coach they only appointed a few months ago. Eko Purjianto takes over as caretaker while the club look for a replacement.

Their is an irony in the timing of the decision to sack Schaller. New signing Nick Van Der Velden, who for some reason not particularly clear counts as a marquee player, was interviewed by the media yesterday. 'I have heard a lot of information about Bali United. I know they are a club with a professional management and I am ready to adapt with the other players and give my best.'

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