Sunday, October 30, 2016


PSIM In Hot Water After Perssu Game Called Off

Are PSIM fans about to have their dreams of glory dashed?

After crowd fan violence marred their last Indonesia Soccer Championship B Round of 16 tie at home to PSCS the team from Yogyakarta were told by local security officials they would not be allowed to use the Sultan Agung Stadium in nearby Bantul for their next game at home to Perssu.

PSIM's own stadium is undergoing renovation and they have been forced to play their home games in Bantul for the season and had been attracting decent crowds.

However violence flared in their last home game when rival fan groups of PSIM squared off against each other, a fairly common event in Indonesia where supporting your team does not necessarily preclude beating the crap out of other fans who support your team but are part of a different supporters group.

PSIM officials approached AAU Stadium and were given the green light to play the game their but local police weren't so keen, saying the venue was deep in rival PSS territory and they didn't want to take the risk of any trouble.

There have been a couple of incidences this season of disturbances between fans of PSS and PSIM one of which led to the death of a PSS fan.

In a nutshell, PSIM were forced to find a new stadium after brawling among their own fans saw them banned from their borrowed stadium. A plan to play at another ground was knocked on the head after concerns PSIM fans might get involved with rival fans.

To compound their difficulties, PSIM could now face being kicked out of the ISC B for failing to host the game. They are currently second in the groupd after three games, level on points with Perssu. PSIM could find they forfeit the game and see the result awarded 3-0 to the Madurese side which would see them go top and PSIM slip down to 3rd in the four team group.

Next weekend they are slated to host bottom side Persiraja and their fans will be hoping this messy situation can be sorted one way or another or the hopes and dreams of a promising season will be dashed.

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