Thursday, September 01, 2016


Persikota Are Back!

When I started following Indonesian football Persikota weren't a big team but they were always there and there abouts in the top flight. They attracted decent crowds to Benteng Stadium in Tangerang and caused problems to bigger sides who came to visit.

The last few years they have been in the football wilderness much as the city of Tangerang has been. With Benteng Stadium a shadow of its former glory, weeds and grass taking over the terraces where thousands once sang and swayed, fans in the industrial city to the west of Jakarta have been denied top flight football for a while now. Persita have been playing home games in Karawang, to the east of Jakarta while Persikota have all but become a memory.

I did see them play in Division One back in 2014 but they played those games in Cilegon and failed to secure a place back in Divisi Utama but now fans have the chance to see them aga
in as they compete in the third tier Liga Nusantara.

Persikota have been drawn alongside Persitangsel, Persic, Serang Jaya and Bantara SC and will play their group stage games at Mini Ciputat Stadium near Bintaro.

04/09 Persikota v Persitangsel
07/09 Persikota v Bantara SC
09/09 Persikota v Serang Jaya
14/09 Persikota v Persic

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