Sunday, May 01, 2016


Warriors Coach In F Word Blast

So Warriors coach Jorg Steinebrunner used the F word at a press conference yesterday. The outburst came after seeing his side lose 4-2 against Tampines Rovers with the ex PSM, Medan Chiefs coach angry at a decision to give the Stags a penalty when the score was 2-2.

In fairness it should be a word be used much in and around the Warriors camp. Their defeat yesterday means they have won just five games out of their last 27 in all competitions. A run going back to the middle of last year. Yeap, you read that right. Five wins.

We are talking here about a team that won the SLeague in four straight seasons a decade or so back, the most successful team in Singapore. They last won the title in 2014 yet their defence last season was so feeble they at times topped the table despite having a negative goal difference! They ended 2015 in 5th place with their goals tally of 40 the second lowest in their history. They ended up shipping 51 which was the worst. Ironically Steinebrunner's Geylang International contributed to those poor figures by beating them 6-0 towards the end of the season!

They now sit seventh in the nine team SLeague and only Young Lions have a worse defence. Perhaps the only bright spark from their campaign so far has been the goals of Jonathon Behe who has contributed seven of their 13 so far.

Given the way the FAS view such matters as expressing opinions or emotions, it is possible Steinebrunner may be in some hot water over this one incident. However Warriors fans will be looking at that run of five wins in 27 games and using the F word themselves to ask just what the hell is going on at their football club.

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