Tuesday, May 24, 2016


New Kelantan Coach Blames Players

Kelantan. The footballing soap opera that keeps giving.  Malaysia has given us BoBoiBoy and Upin & Lupin in recent years but none of their story lines come close to the tales that emanate from the north eastern state.

Suffice for a recap, they have Skin Cream Lady threatening to withdraw her sponsorship and TSAM challenging the FAM to take action because the club he oversees owes money to players.

Against this backdrop a new coach has come in to replace K Devan who stepped down recently. Bulgarian Velizar Popov is the latest to try his luck with the Red Warriors who have struggled this season as the two aforementioned figures compete for headlines to the detriment of the team.

But Popov has shown he is well suited for the job. After Kelantan lost 5-2 at home to Selangor in the Malaysia Super League he let loose with both barrels.

'There is something unusual going on here. It is definitely not normal to pick up two red cards in two matches in the space of three days. It is unprofessional because we are forced to play with ten men against a strong team.'*

Fair enough. There is something unusual going on at Kelantan. From the outside it looks like a club low on morale for pretty obvious reasons.

'To those without the heart to play for Kelantan, you are free to leave the team at your will.'

Yep, contractual obligations aside. But then he really puts his size 10s into the players with a comment of immense crassness and insensitivity.

'In Europe, when something like this happens, I would not hesitate to cut the players’ salaries. Everyone has to realize that no single person is bigger than the entire team.'

Oh yes, perfect for the job. Can you see things improving for Kelantan anytime soon? A shame cos it should be one of the biggest clubs in the country. 17,000 saw the Selangor game, thousands travelled to the previous game.

*SOURCE - Fourth Official


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