Monday, May 02, 2016


Jakarta Football Chat Is Back

With Indonesian football back now seems a good a time as any to resurrect Jakarta Football Chat. You may remember I started this last year along with Pangeran as a weekly podcast on You Tube. Then FIFA and the government conspired to have us shut down by suspending the PSSI which gave us sod all to talk about.

But now the beautiful game returns to Indonesia and so does Jakarta Football Chat. Sans Pangeran.

The 1st episode is now online and you can hear my review of the weekend's action from the opening round of fixtures and I hope this becomes a weekly gig. To protect the innocent it will only be available on Soundcloud for now but this may change in the future.

Going forward I hope to add some different segments to the show that will delve deeper into the zaniness that we all know and love as Indonesian football as well as looking at how Indonesian players, or those with an Indonesian connection are getting on overseas.

So why don't you start your week by listening to Jakarta Football Chat. The only English language show about football in Indonesia.

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