Thursday, May 05, 2016


Disappointing Crowds Mar Malaysian Games

Last month Dez Corkhill penned an excellent piece for Fourth Official where he asked the question 'Does Malaysian football belong to the people?' My answer would be yes, when their team is winning and no the rest of the time. Have a look at the results and more importantly the attendances from last nights games in the Malaysia Super League.

PDRM v Perak 2-2 300
Pahang v Kedah 1-1 3,508
Selangor v T Team 2-1 4,981
Terengganu v Sarawak 3-2 900
Felda United v Kelantan 2-0 10,981

Johor Darul Ta'zim of course are still to play when they entertain Penang on Friday and their attendance allow is likely to double the numbers above.

20,670 fans bothered to get out and support their teams last night, an average 4,134. Take Felda United, league leaders out of the equation and you have an average on a par with the SLeague (2,422).

You can perhaps have some sympathy for Terengganu fans whose team had lost four straight games before last night but 900? The creativity of their Twitter account surely deserves better.

We are not talking about crap games either. Fourth place Selangor were hosting third place T Team for example and by my reckoning that is a top of the table clash. As recently as 2014 Pahang won the FA Cup, Malaysia Cup and the Community Shield. And just 8,500 bothered turning out last night to see those teams?

In contrast an average of 13,114 fans turned out to see the opening round of fixtures in the Indonesia Soccer Championship.

With Malaysian football it seems to be feast or famine. Win, everyone loves you. Lose and people turn their backs.

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