Monday, May 02, 2016


Deltras And Persida Merge To Sidoarjo United

This has kind of come from left field but is a continuation of what I talked about a few days back with the consolidation of local football.

Persida have found themselves the number one team in Sidoarjo almost by default as Deltras have fallen by the wayside. The city boasts one of the best stadiums in the country, and one of the most accessible yet no team has been in the top flight since Deltras were relegated in 2008/2009. Which is a shame because the potential there is enormous as a 35,000 crowd for one game against Arema showed.

Deltras in fact were newcomers to the city. They were initially formed as Gelora Dewata and were based in Bali before they were taken across the straits to their new home in Sidoarjo

As Deltras have struggled to make ends meet it has been Persida who have represented the city if not always successfully. Back in 2014 I headed down that way for a game and it took me a while I was going to see a game at Delta Stadium. He thought I wanted to see Deltras but when I said nope, Persida he had no idea who they were!

After going through the alphabet, Persiba, Persifa, Persija, Persela, Persema, Persipar, Persita etc he finally gave up and thought I was an idiot.

The game I saw was between Persida and Pusamania and there was a pretty small crowd including a group of Deltras fans who had come to cheer on their city rivals. A few Persida turned up and weren't too keen on this invasion and it kicked off for a while before a semblance of peace was restored.

Apparently the merger went a head a couple of days before Persida's opening game of the season away to PSBK Blitar and not even the official ISC website seemed to know about it.

Let's hope the combined resources are able to reinvigorate the new club, Sidoarjo United, and push them back up to the top flight but what do the fans make of it all?

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