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Indonesia Soccer Championship Clubs

Ok so we are a couple of weeks shy of the kick off of the Indonesia Soccer Championship which is almost similar to the Indonesia Super League but not quite. The ISC doesn't have any promotion or relegation. Just to muddy waters there seems to be ongoing talks hoping to hold the ISL. Whether it would replace the ISC or not is as you may imagine unclear.

The top flight of the ISC is known as ISC A and apparently kicks off 16 April with Persipura hosting Sriwijaya. These are teams slated to be in ISC A and most of them are pretty familiar.

Semen Padang, Sriwijaya, Persib, Persija, Surabaya United, Persela, Arema, Madura United, Persiba, Mitra Kukar, PSM, Persipura, Gresik United, Bali United, Persiram, Barito Putera, Perseru, Pusamania Borneo.

For those who have been hibernating the last two years; Surabaya United are the Persebaya the Bonek are boycotting (I stand to be corrected once and for all on that particular soap opera); Madura United used to be Pelita Bekasi Raya nee Pelita Bandung Raya nee Pelita Jaya; Persiram is the latest identity for the military side PS TNI; Bali United used to be Persisam; Pusamania bought out Perseba Super Bangkalan.

I hope that clears that up...

Now, ISC B or what used to be Divisi Utama and most of the names should be familiar. Some notable absences including Persitara, Deltras, Persikab, Persikota, PSAP, PSSB, Persma, Persimin among them. Persires are now based in Sukoharjo are previous spells in Bali, Kuningan and Cirebon. The erstwhile owner of Persepam MU seems to have sold them and now owns Madura United. As you were with most of the rest I believe with four of the six groups centred on Java. The last group involves some pretty serious travel for the clubs concerned in a part of the country where the infrastructure ain't the best

Persiraja Banda Aceh, PSBL Langsa, PSMS Medan, Pro Duta FC, PS Bintang Jaya, PSPS Pekanbaru, Persih Tembilahan, PS Bengkulu, PS Bangka

Cilegon United FC, Perserang Serang, Persita Tangerang, Villa 2000, Persikabo Bogor, Persika Karawang, Persikad Purwakarta, Persires Rengat, PSGC Ciamis, PSCS Cilacap

Persibangga Purbalingga, Persibas Banyumas, Persibat Batang, Persip Pekalongan, PSIS Semarang, Persijap Jepara, Persipur Purwodadi, PSIR Rembang, Persis Solo, PPSM Sakti Magelang

Persiba Bantul, PSIM Yogyakarta, PSS Sleman, Persinga Ngawi, Persatu Tuban, Madiun Putra FC, Persik Kediri, PSBI Blitar, PS Mojokerto Putra, Persepam MU

PSBK Blitar, Laga FC, Persida Sidoarjo, Perssu MU, Persekam Metro FC, Persekap Kota Pasuruan, Persebo Bondowoso, Persewangi Banyuwangi, PS Badung, PS Sumbawa Barat

Persipon Pontianak, Kalteng Putra FC, Martapura FC, Persbul Buol, Persigo Gorontalo, Yahukimo FC, Persigubin Gunung Bintang, Persiwa Wamena, PSBS Biak, Persifa Fakfak

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