Sunday, February 07, 2016


Kiko's Five Year Arema Deal

Forget all those players heading to China for hefty transfer fees, have you heard about the Spaniard who has penned a five year deal for an Indonesian club?

Kiko Insa is a 28 year old defender who signed for Arema last year after a colourful career that has seen him play for 12 Spanish teams, plus stints in Belguim, Germany, Iceland, Latvia and Oxford City in the English non-league. And so enamoured has become by the country and the city he has oft declared his love affair with the nation on social media.

It seems the love isn't all one way. Kiko has just signed a five year deal with unheard of notion in a country where typically clubs only offer players season by season deals. And that was when there was a league.

Now of course there isn't so it remains to be seen how Kiko's new contract stands with FIFA and whether Arema have the necessary documents to register the player considering the current suspension.

Kiko has declared he would love to become an Indonesian citizen and play for the national team. He has a long wait before he can reach that particular target and if someone once said a week is a long time in politics, how about half a decade in Indonesian football!

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