Friday, December 18, 2015


Selangor Rethink Cornthwaite Future After Social Media Outrage

Following their first Malaysia Cup triumph in a decade, Selangor managed to turn triumph into tirades when it was revealed they would not be offering one time Socceroo defender Rob Cornthwaite a new contract for next season.

Selangor fans headed for social media in their droves in the same way they descended on Shah Alam to roar on their side to their 33rd trophy. They weren't happy and it showed and it seems Selangor have listened with the announcement Cornthwaite, Blackburn born, would in fact be staying another year.

It seems the Selangor manager, not to be confused with the coach, has admitted the 'confusion' was all his fault and blamed it on a miscommunication.

In South East Asia miscommunication translates as 'someone in authority made a bollocks of things but he will not be made a scapegoat 'cos he is one of us.' Imagine a scene in Yes, Prime Minister where Sir Humphrey and his colleagues circle the wagons.

I mean just think it through...

Manager - hey Rob, we're not renewing your contract
Rob C - no worries mate

Officials huddle together and check social media mumbling words like 'hashtags, four four two, RTs, likes...'

Manager - hey Rob, we're renewing your contract. There was a misunderstanding
Rob C - (scratches head) no worries mate

Yeah, slow news day!

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