Thursday, December 10, 2015


Referees Strike In Kuwait After Assault

Why me?

My year began in Indonesia...suspended by FIFA. Kicked out of AFC Cup and WCQs. Now I'm in Kuwait. What can possibly go wrong? Well...

Kuwait were suspended earlier by FIFA, though they were kicked out of AFC Cup and possibly demied the prospect of an all Kuwaiti final their WCQs don't seem to have suffered the same fate for now (not sure why) over alleged government interference but at least the Premier League has been chugging along nicely with games being played as scheduled. Until now, it seems.

As reported yesterday a Crown Prince Cup tie was marred by a club official attacking the referee over something or other, an incident that is going to have severe repercussion for my weekend plans.

I had hoped to take in a game or two but not it seems the referees have got together and decided they are not dusting off their peas and whistles for anyone this weekend and have gone on strike, forcing the cancellation of the round of fixtures!

Now, to add to the fog of confusion surrounding football here the Kuwait FA are saying next week's game to open the Jaber International Stadium is actually nothing to do with them, something FIFA may not look to kindly on. The likes of Ronaldhino and Pires as well as that Italian guy who looks like he sleeps under a bridge but plays like he walks on water have all signed up for the game but if FIFA take a dim view who knows what can happen next?!

Of course today is Thursday. Much can change...

UPDATE - and it did...looks like games will go ahead after all!

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