Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Ref Attacked In Kuwait

It's no easy job being a referee at the best of times but those in England do have it easy; the worst they can face is a withering stare or a few bad words from an irate coach or player or pundit. In other parts of the world they don't get off so lightly.

There was the case recently in Thailand where a game between Satun United and Khon Kaen ended with fans of the home side attacking the ref and forcing him to make a humiliating on camera confession of how he had been got at by the opposing team. The ref received a six month ban!

Last night there was a similar incident at a Crown Prince Cup tie between Al Jahra and Khaitan but unlike in Thailand where the fans took matters into their own hands, this time the club dealt with it. The manager of Al Jahra went for the ref in a big way and punches were thrown on the pitch with the hapless whistleblower on the receiving end.

Kuwait is already under a FIFA suspension but it is unlikely what bigwigs that remain in Zurich after all the bribery allegations of recent months will take. Satun United were banned for three years, that is unlikely to happen to Al Jahra.

Next week sees Kuwait open their impressive Jaber Stadium with plenty of retired big name pros turning up to join in with the fireworks including Robert Pires, Jens Lehman and Ronaldhino. No worries about the ref for that game; the bald Italian Pierlugi Collini will be putting his pea back in his whistle for the one off game.

The football? Oh yeah, Khaitan won 4-3 after extra time and join Kazma, Al Salmiya and Kuwait SC in the semi finals.

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