Friday, December 04, 2015


Pires, Ronaldinho & Scholes Heading To Kuwait

KUWAIT: The Higher Organizing Committee of the Jaber International Stadium activities has revealed the names of the first six star legends who will play with Kuwait soccer stars Dec 18th. The committee said in a press statement that Brazilian Ronaldinho De Assis Moreira, Spanish Carles Puyol, UK’s Paul Scholes, Italy’s Andrea Pirlo, Gianluca Zambrotta and France’s Robert Pires will be present at the event.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho, Puyol and Pires have confirmed that they will be participate in the Jaber Stadium activities on social media. The committee said it is keen on getting the most known and popular soccer stars around the world – especially those who won championships – be it World Cup or the European Champions League. The rest of the names will be announced in the coming days. There will be 15 world stars available. They will be managed by Italy’s Carlo Ancelotti – and expert referee Pierluigi Collina will also be present.

The organizing committee said the world stars will give the event a special flavor and make fans happy, as they wait for the great challenge between Kuwait stars and the world legends. The committee is racing with time to complete the preparations, particularly in regards to agreements with world stars, as contacts with them began two weeks ago which is relatively a short time.

Meanwhile, huge fans are participating in the voting process to select Kuwait’s team from 39 players. Most names received large number of votes which means the decision will not be made until the last day of voting on Dec 7th. Al-Qadisiya’s Bader Al-Mutawaa lead the votes so far, while competition for goal-keeping is so hot as Khalid Al-Rashidi and Suleiman Abdelghafour to the list. Defenders Musaed Nada and Fahad Al-Hajiri are on the lead for defence while Fahad Al-Enezi and Mohammad Jrag lead in the mid-field position.

COMMENT - reportedly Qadsia fans are unhappy their goalkeeping hero is not running away with the votes! More information about this game can be found at Jaber Stadium. A full round of Kuwait Premier League fixtures have been released for the weekend of this game so I guess they will be canceled?

Given FIFA's suspension of Kuwait, where does that leave the foreign players? I guess as they are all at that age where they don't care anymore nothing will be done.

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