Tuesday, November 03, 2015


A Singapore Trilogy

Ok so it was a family holiday but there was no way I was going to miss the chance of catching some local football in Singapore.

Geylang International v Home United 2-1

Eagles keeper Yazid kept the home side in this game despite going 1-0 down with a series of fine saves in the first half when it looked like the floodgates would open for Home. Never happened though and Geylang coach Jorg Steinbrunner juggled things around at half time and they emerged second half more purposeful. I missed the equaliser, I do like Tiger Beer, but saw the late late winner which sent the Geylang Ultras into raptures and took the Eagles off the bottom spot at least temporarily.

A few Geylang fans tried to drum up a bit of support in their section but despite a large number wearing green t shirts many didn't really seem connected with the game and when it came to eating their chicken rice in the car park at half time they still didn't seem connected to anything beyond the t shirt. I wonder how many of them knew who was who in their line up or what the score had been in their last home game.

Hougang United v Balestier Khalsa 1-1

I had been looking forward to seeing this game. Balestier have had a good season and at one stage threatened to mount a title bid of their own but that seems to have fizzled in recent weeks despite remaining well placed. But you know when you look forward to something and it turns into a wet fish? The first half was bloody hard work and at one stage I could have sworn there would have been 15 minutes injury time, so often were players going down in agony.

Miroslav Kristic has had a good season for Khalsa netting 14 goals so was always going to be interested in his contribution today and based on his second 45 minutes at least I came away thing he was a Balkan Noh Alam Shah! He was involved in a couple of meaty challenges, dishing out and receiving but he always got up ready to do battle once more. One unsavoury moment saw him drive a ball with full power at ballboy. Dunno how intentional it was but he did at least hold up a hand in apology.

Balestier Khalsa levelled the scores right at the death to secure a point but in fairness it was a game only a coach could love.

Albirex Niigata v Young Lions 0-1

Ah Albirex Niigata. Home of the youngest cheerleaders in the league? The manic drummer man who after several years banging the drum, must have realised by now that he is most definitely on his and no one is going to join him.

The Japanese side had been on the fringes of the title race all season but like Balestier fallen behind in recent weeks while Young Lions went into their game with just two wins in their last 10. Mind you those wins came against Warriors and Tampines suggesting they have something about them.

I started the game wondering what the hell Jordan Webb, now aged 27, was doing with the Young Lions. I ended it marvelling at his man of the match performance which included scoring the only goal of the game just before half time.

This was an impressive performance by Young Lions against an always committed Albirex side. Second half they weathered the expected onslaught with discipline and indeed could have nicked a second of their own on their breaks. And Irfan Fandi came on for a cameo showing presence and guile in equal measure.

Yeap, thoroughly enjoyed the game!

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