Thursday, August 27, 2015


The Paradox Of Singapore Football


1 - DPMM (Brunei)
2 - Albirex Niigata (Japan)

Singapore Cup semi finalists

DPMM, Albirex Niigata, Global (Philippines)

Malaysia FA Cup

LionsXII Winners!!

Discussions are ongoing as to whether LionsXII will continue playing in Malaysia but apparently there has been a request field foreign players.

Daft idea. If you are going to have a side playing north of the causeway then go ahead but use the Young Lions. The LionsXII players, scatter them round the SLeague clubs, god knows it looks like they need some infusion to stay alive.

The job of the FAS is to foster, develop and support football within its territory. Any success in Malaysia really should be meaningless unless it is translated into success closer to home but as can be seen above that just ain't happening...indeed things seem to be getting worse.

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